Sports Tech

Spectalix deep-learning segmentation technology enables mobile devices to separate humans from their original background in live video or pre-recorded clips.
By embedding Spectalix SDK, mobile applications (sports-clubs, broadcasters, brands) can increase their user engagement, by producing social and branded content and invite their users to augment themselves in those “scenes”.

Talamoos prediction platform provides state of the art predictions, personalization and recommendations. The platform predicts in real time what your users would like to do next in order to increase revenues and engagements. Talamoos enables companies to leverage to power of Big Data and AI within days instead of multiyear projects. 

TetaVi’s portable volumetric video capturing system creates volumetric 3D assets, enabling the viewer to interactively choose a viewpoint in 3D space and freely navigate within real world visual scenes. TetaVi volumetric video can be viewed and interact with across all screen types – TV, mobile phones, laptops and AR/VR headsets.

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