Smart Cities helps companies deploy deep-learning based perception & computer vision solutions - such as for autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, drones, security and other use cases. We deliver this on top of an end-to-end deep learning lifecycle management solution suite, taking away all the heavy lifting while respecting customers data security.

TriEye groundbreaking solution, based on almost a decade of academic research, enables HD image under any weather/lighting conditions using cost-effective shortwave infrared (SWIR) camera. TriEye SWIR camera is imperative for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles functionality, reliability and safety. TriEye closed a $17m round A led by Intel in May 2019.

Waycare is shaping the future of urban mobility and optimizing state traffic management by harnessing in-vehicle information for predictive insights. Ultimately, Waycare enables cities to take full control of their roads and directly communicate with all vehicles operating on their road networks.

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