Health & Wellness helps companies deploy deep-learning based perception & computer vision solutions - such as for autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, drones, security and other use cases. We deliver this on top of an end-to-end deep learning lifecycle management solution suite, taking away all the heavy lifting while respecting customers data security.


Bzigo is the first ever device that actively detects and locates mosquitoes. Once a mosquito is detected, you receive a notification to your smartphone, and a laser marker shows the mosquito’s precise location, allowing you to easily eliminate it.  Bzigo is fully compliant with all safety standards and regulations.

Lumen is a device and app that measures your metabolism through the breath to tell you if your body is using fats for fuel or carbs for fuel and what to do about it. With the app, you will receive daily personalized meal plans to help you lose weight and optimize your workouts. 

NovaSight brings pediatric eye care into the digital age. Our revolutionary vision assessment and treatment solutions are based on eye-tracking technology and are specially designed to suit the unique needs and attention spans of children, aiming to prevent pediatric vision loss.

Nutricco developed a home device linked to an interactive smartphone APP that dispenses a daily personalized mix of dietary supplements Based on personal profile, nutritional habits and activities the system optimizes nutritional intake, provides personal recommendations for diet and supplements and empowers people to gain control over their health.

TetaVi’s portable volumetric video capturing system creates volumetric 3D assets, enabling the viewer to interactively choose a viewpoint in 3D space and freely navigate within real world visual scenes. TetaVi volumetric video can be viewed and interact with across all screen types – TV, mobile phones, laptops and AR/VR headsets.

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